Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Does P90X Work? Yes, says ACE.

Is this workout program any different from committing to another program for 90 days straight? Is it just the time commitment and the commitment to work out every day that makes a difference?

The American Council on Exercise has decided that P90X really does "bring it." In a study published in November, researchers found that the "muscle confusion" (working different muscles each time you work out) and the strenuousness of the workouts really get your heart going, and your muscles working. It does work. But, the study warns, as with everything else, you have to eat right to see the fat go away. If not, you're just building muscle. For me, that's always the hardest part.

When I started P90x, I was a bit intimidated. The results you see on the ads normally show burly men becoming even burly-er.
Cue, Tony Horton ...

But I needed something that I could do indoors during the cold months, so I decided to have at it. (I'm still really not used to temperature less than 50 degrees.) Well, the 90 days are over, and I did aboouuuut 75 days of the 90-day program. I have to say I feel so so so much stronger, and my biceps and hips grew a half inch of muscle, and I can do a chin-up without jumping. But I definitely didn't lose weight, and that is what I am always going for (not much, but maybe 5 lbs?). I decided about 2 weeks ago to switch over to Insanity - which has a lot more cardio and a lot less weight training. I'll share my results from that one in a few months.

But I can share with you my boyfriend's results from P90X, which were much better. He looks like one of the burly men in the infomercial now. His biceps, hips and bust all grew. And he can do a zillion pullups rather then the five or so he started with.

All in all, I would recommend it for those trying to build muscle. Otherwise, I know that there is a "light" schedule you can follow that may allow you to fit in more cardio!

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