Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hunger Games Tribute: 8 Best Outdoor Survival Workouts

As many of you probably are, I am deep into the book "The Hunger Games" this week, trying to finish it before the movie comes out this weekend. It has completely pulled me in. It is such an intriguing storyline and the author, Suzanne Collins, has such a simple, yet captivating way of writing. Plus, I have really taken a liking to how bad ass the main character, Katniss is. All of her hunting, archery and running has me truly inspired to be more outdoorsy.

So, in honor of Katniss, here are the best ways to burn calories, while being super bad ass (according to this calorie calculator and me).

Calorie-Torching Survival Workouts

Activity (for 15 minutes)          Calories Burned (for 130 lb woman)
Running (7 mph)                        170
Rock climbing                            162
Swimming (vigorously)             144
Rowing (vigorously)                  129
Chopping wood                          90
Hiking                                         88
Hunting                                       74
Archery                                       51

Now you can see why it is called "The Hunger Games." I'm hungry just thinking about how much energy it takes to survive.

What is your favorite "survival" workout?
Can you think of one that I forgot to list?

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