Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Word: Bread Doing More Damage Than Chips, Kids Who Are Less Active Feel Left Out, Unhealthy Snacks at School and more...

The most surprising news this week was the new findings that the sodium overdose in some peoples' diets may not be chips ... it may be bread. (CDC: Bread Beats Out Chips As Biggest Salt Source)

But for those who are overweight, exercise is still affective in helping the heart. (Even For The Overweight, Exercise Helps The Heart

A few new (rather sad and disappointing) studies were released about kids health .... Kids Who Feel Left Out Are Less Active and Many US Kids Still By Unhealthy Snacks At School

And we found out that for kids who are struggling with their weight, positive parenting can help. (Positive Parenting During Early Childhood May Prevent Obesity

In other news...
Short Breaks During Exercise OK For Diabetes
How Good ARE Walmarts New "Great For You" Labeled Foods?
More US Doctors Are Urging Patients To Exercise: CDC

For a recap of all new wellness studies and findings in 2011, click here.

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