Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not Enough Playtime for Preschoolers

It’s time that toddlers not only See Spot Run, but go on the run with him. Children who go to daycare don’t get enough physical activity, according to a new study by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Researchers says that there are a few main reasons why, like their parents are concerned about them getting injured so they don’t let them go on the playground and they want their kids focusing on academics, not play time.
I worked my first job as a daycare “teacher” when I was 17. Other than the fact that I was working in Arizona and we couldn’t take the kids out to play during the dead heat of the summer, we always went out twice a day for at least 30 minutes. I think it was actually a requirement. It’s sad to hear that some daycares don’t give adequate playtime, as that was always the thing the kids were soooo excited for. For good reason, too. Who wants to be in a small room with a bunch of snotty other kids all day?
The researchers in this study believe that safety and school readiness may be hindering physical development. My thought to parents – the way obesity is in this country, let them play. Would you rather have your kid dumb but healthy, or top of the class but suffering from diabetes in high school?

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