Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today's Talkers ... Diet soda daily ups stroke risk, what makes a successful dieter, weight and acne, and more ...

Overweight girls more prone to acne
Interesting study ... but I swear I have heard this before. Is this new?

Keeping weight off is as much of a challenge as losing it
This study found that successful, longterm dieters maintain low calories, low fat and an hour of walking or equivalent physical activity.

Drinking diet soda daily linked to risk of stroke  
I know so many people who drink one or more diet sodas a day. I completely understand why, too. They completely satisfy cravings for sweets sometimes! That's why the results of this study are so sad. But the study says it has to be one a day ... if it is 6 days or less, drinking diet soda doesn't change your health risks.

And, OH, what a relief this one is ... my favorite of the day:
McDonald's reveals no longer using pink slime in hamburgers

Women Copy Each Others' Eating Patterns 
People who postpone a snack craving have less desire for it later
Veggie photos on lunch tray increases consumption
Exercise a good pick me up after cancer treatment: Study
Another coffee study ...

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