Monday, February 20, 2012

Supportive Husbands and Wives Can Make You Happier at Your Job

Well, this is fitting, given Valentine's Day and such ...

A new study out this week shows that people who have strong "spousal support" see the following benefits (this is copied right from this Medical News Today story, where more are listed):
  • 30 percent lower likelihood of experiencing guilt associated with home/family neglect;
  • 30 percent lower likelihood of being critical of others (spouse, children) at home;
  • 25 percent lower likelihood of experiencing fatigue at home after work;
  • 20 percent higher views that their careers were heading in the right direction; and
  • 20 percent higher level of job satisfaction.
These are just some of the benefits - the ones that stuck out to me. It is interesting that all of this - job satisfaction, fatigue, guilt - can all be associated with having strong support.

The study author also goes to say that the qualities of a supportive husband or wife include understanding the demands of the other's job, not trying to "one-up" the other's bad day, and creating an understanding that communication lines are always open.

From what I've found - this is definitely something that is hard to do - especially when both people are stressed. I'm not married, but I'm assuming this would sort-of apply to those in long-term relationships who are living with one another :). I have been so so stressed from work the last few months, and I do forget to thank James sometimes for keeping me sane. I am lucky to have him as a "spouse!"

What do you think about this study? Does your happiness/stress level depend on someone else?

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