Thursday, January 5, 2012

Protein = More Weight ... But It's Good Weight

While I realize that protein helps build muscle, I hadn't seen a recent study regarding weight gain considering protein alone. Until today. A study published in today's issue of JAMA researched what happened when participants were overfed for a while, taking in different levels of protein (5-25% of total calories) rather than fats and carbs.
It turns out that while everyone gained weight, the people who ate less protein and more fats and carbs gained less weight than those eating more protein. My first thought:  
Score. More Bread.

Wrong. Turns out the people eating less protein were maintaining less muscle, and muscle weights a lot more than fat. The people eating more protein burned more energy and gained more muscle. The result: less flab, more fab.

I hope this convinces you to cut out the fat and carbs. Sadly, it doesn't convince me. No matter how many times I hear that eating processed and sugary cereals is bad for your waistline, I'll still down a box in a sitting just because I'm bored or stressed. When I lost weight a little more than a year ago, I did it by eating more protein, and less carbs. I found that while temporarily, I shed my final five pounds, within six months I had gained it back. As sad at it is, it was impossible for me to live like that! Maybe one day, I will be sickened by the thought of bread ... muffins ... bananas ... bagels ... (mouth watering). Probably not soon.

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