Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Blog

Here's to a new year and finally getting around to starting this blog. I plan to keep this going as one of my New Year's resolutions, along with not snacking after dinner and not biting my nails. Let's hope I have enough gumption to actually do this.

A study about New Year's resolutions (from Feb. 2011) showed what we all know to be true. In the study, about 50 percent of women had declared "losing weight" as a resolution in the last two years, but only between 9 to 20 percent of women keep their vow. Why? The women stated that it took too long to see results, or they have self confidence issues that make things difficult.

I hear ya. I hate to admit, most of my resolutions are normally done-zo by March. But maybe this year things will be different for me and the rest of the women on the earth. After all, it is our final year.

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