Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Binge Drink Coffee to Prevent Diabetes

If you notice more people running around, all hyped up on caffeine at work tomorrow, you know why.

An article posted on Yahoo! News today wrote that by drinking four or more cups of coffee each day, you lower your risk of diabetes by 50 percent. The article sites a new study published in the Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry. Also, with each cup you drink after that, your risk lowers 7 more percent.

(BTW, have you seen this new caffeine inhaler? Crazy.)

Considering I had the equivalent about two cups in my mug this morning, I guess I have a few more to go before midnight! Speaking of my mug, have you seen these no spill mugs?

My boyfriend bought me this basic one, and I have to say, being able to throw my coffee in my purse in the morning is really nifty!

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